Be gentle with yourself

A few days ago when I looked back on my blogging habit for the month I was pissed that I was almost at the end of January and I had only written for 11days of the month when the goal was to write everyday.

Then followed the guilt and the shame that I had already failed on my goal of writing a small blog post (100 words or so) everyday. Because I figured I could do it. It's a small enough goal and I can fit it into my commuting time when all I do I waste time anyway.

Thank you

What happens when you realise that you're not a nice person.

When you realise that your actions have hurt people. And you've been callous with people's feelings and emotions. Just walked right over because you wanted something and didn't give a thought to the other person's needs.

And this other person isn't a stranger. It's a loved one. A person who has stood by you through the length of time and taken all of the pain but still wanted what was best for you.