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Do You Make An Impact At All?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why you do this? Why wake up and go to the same job where it doesn’t look like you’re doing anything or serving anybody or making anything better. 

I guess we are because the company exists and people use their services and products and I’m just the new low-level grunt that still hasn’t learnt the system and how it makes an impact anyway. Like… What’s the point of all this? That’s where I’m at right now.

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Be gentle with yourself

A few days ago when I looked back on my blogging habit for the month I was pissed that I was almost at the end of January and I had only written for 11days of the month when the goal was to write everyday.

Then followed the guilt and the shame that I had already failed on my goal of writing a small blog post (100 words or so) everyday. Because I figured I could do it. It’s a small enough goal and I can fit it into my commuting time when all I do I waste time anyway.

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Don’t get ahead of yourself

Let me start by saying thank you to all 4 followers of this blog. Yay. Cuz wow. I thought this blog was just gonna be me rambling all to myself and once I got better and then, there would be interested people who would care. Seriously wow, It’s gonna give a girl a big ego.

So plus points of having followers is the ability to create a community and gives accountability, so it’ll be a motivating factor to keep writing.

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Monkey Brain

Is this how it’s gonna feel everyday?

Feeling lost and not knowing what to write every single time I start.

But the good thing I guess is that I just start and words seem to flow out. And the key to writing that i have found in my oh so vast experience of 5 continuous days of writing is to start and don’t expect yourself to be a wordsmith from day 1. Stick to the habit (low expectations while building the habit): Write a blog post everyday – 100 words or so and No Judging.

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New Start

Since I’m hoping to get into the habit of blogging or writing, I sincerely want to write something profound for my first post. But I know that it is a lot to ask right at the beginning. I know there’s a phrase that goes along the lines of you have to have 10000 hours of practice before you become good at something… Basically saying you have to do a lot of work before you create good work. So… Unless I write everyday for years I’m not gonna get better.

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