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Forgetfulness or Fear?

Almost didn’t write today. And it’s a miracle that I remembered it.

How do things slip from your mind anyway?

Do you forget them or delude yourself that you forgot because your lizard brain got to you? Because in my case, I distinctly remember that I thought about my writing habit around lunch time and then told myself, I’ll get to it… I’ll get to it later and didn’t think of a specific time to get to it. Then every time my brain brought it up I would push it away by telling myself… I’m busy right now so later… And later became so late that it’s nearly the end of the day… Sigh.

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Monkey Brain

Is this how it’s gonna feel everyday?

Feeling lost and not knowing what to write every single time I start.

But the good thing I guess is that I just start and words seem to flow out. And the key to writing that i have found in my oh so vast experience of 5 continuous days of writing is to start and don’t expect yourself to be a wordsmith from day 1. Stick to the habit (low expectations while building the habit): Write a blog post everyday – 100 words or so and No Judging.

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