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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in tiny little cottage in the forest. Seeing her in the forest, the demon of that territory would decided that he would have her soul for his own. So every day the forest demon would visit her and asked her a question so that he could figure out what she wanted and manipulate her into giving away her soul. But the girl was clever and she always had an answer for him. But the forest demon was determined to not give up. The questions would be along the lines of….

Demon: What do you like to have?

Girl: Nothing. I have everything I need.

And the demon would walk away. The next day he would visit the girl again and ask?

Demon: How about some pretty jewelry to sparkle you up a bit?

Girl: No. What need have I for jewelry while I live in the forest?

And the demon would walk away. Again he visited her the next day

Demon: Maybe you would like a castle for a home, with land to call your own

Girl: No. I could not live in a castle with its drafty hallways and it would be too big for me. I love my cottage. It has everything I need.

Disappointed, the demon left again. But he would not give up. He would find out what she wanted and use it to capture her soul. So he persevered. He would figure it out. So he visited her everyday and tried to find out what the girl wanted.

Demon: Lots of riches?

Girl: No. Don’t need it in the forest.

Demon: Clothes?

Girl: No. I can trade for it in the nearby village for herbs.

Demon: Horse?

Girl: No. I like walking.

And he kept asking and asking until he ran out of questions…

Girl: Back again for another chat?

Demon: Yes.

Girl: So… What do you wanna know?

Demon: Uh…

The demon didn’t know what to ask. So he just asked the first question that popped into his head.

Demon: How was your day?

Girl (a little surprised): Oh… It was a good day. Thank you for asking. How was your day?

Demon: oh… Umm… It’s alright. A little surprising..

Girl: Yeah… So.. let me ask you? What do you want?

Demon: Me? No one’s ever asked me that.

Girl: I just did. Well… what is it that you want?

Demon: I want to capture your soul.

Girl: Why?

Demon: What do you mean why? All demons capture souls and so do I?

Girl: Why? What do you do with the soul?

Demon: Do with it? Nothing. We just keep it. You can’t do anything with a soul. We’re demons. We….uh… We… We’re soul keepers. Yeah that’s it. We like souls.

Girl: Why?

Demon: Again with the why. We like souls. The demon with the most souls is considered the strongest.

Girl: Why?

Demon: Because its what’s done.

Girl: wh….

Demon (puts hand over girls mouth): Don’t ask another why. We do it because it’s tradition. Our ancestor demons used to do it. So we do it. No one asks why?

Girl ( shoving the hand away): well that seems stupid. You guys follow tradition that was set up by old dead people, without knowing why. That’s silly.

Demon: It’s not silly. What do you know about demon culture?

Girl: Nothing. But I do know that doing something without asking why is like being a mindless sheep.

Demon: we are demons. We are not sheep. If you’re so clever. What would you suggest.

Girl: Sit and think about what you personally want and then do it.

Demon: Easy for you to say. What if I pick wrong.

Girl: Good. If it feels wrong then you can eliminate it and try something else.

Demon: Hmph…

Girl : Here have a cookie while you think about it.

So the demon sat and thought while enjoying a cookie.

The End



I’m sorry if it sucks. But my brain just threw that out there.

Song: You are my Sunshine

Quote: Just Do It. – Nike Tagline

One day I’m gonna look back at this post and laugh about it. I think. Or be super embarrassed. 😂



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