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Forgetfulness or Fear?

Almost didn’t write today. And it’s a miracle that I remembered it.

How do things slip from your mind anyway?

Do you forget them or delude yourself that you forgot because your lizard brain got to you? Because in my case, I distinctly remember that I thought about my writing habit around lunch time and then told myself, I’ll get to it… I’ll get to it later and didn’t think of a specific time to get to it. Then every time my brain brought it up I would push it away by telling myself… I’m busy right now so later… And later became so late that it’s nearly the end of the day… Sigh.

Was it fear of writing? Or hesitation or procrastination or lazyness or… All the things that the self help/motivational books people talk about.

But I am proud of myself. Because I almost didn’t write it even now… (Told myself: Missing one day won’t hurt.) But it’s the principle of it. Each day matters. Showing up even when you don’t want to, matters. Consistency over Intensity(Don’t know who said it). Anyway… Don’t give up, even if it sucks. Suck it up. (See what I did there? It was my bad writing 😂.. I am so funny). It will get better. One step at a time.

Now enough of the self-pat-on-the-back. Back to work.

Bye bye. 😁

Song of the moment: Proud of You by Fiona Fung

(It’s a sweet song which was introduced to me by my friend)

Quote: “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

(I googled it for a minute and I think he was quoting an old Buddhist text. Not sure.)



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