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Monkey Brain

Is this how it’s gonna feel everyday?

Feeling lost and not knowing what to write every single time I start.

But the good thing I guess is that I just start and words seem to flow out. And the key to writing that i have found in my oh so vast experience of 5 continuous days of writing is to start and don’t expect yourself to be a wordsmith from day 1. Stick to the habit (low expectations while building the habit): Write a blog post everyday – 100 words or so and No Judging.

Writing is a learning process and day 5 is not going to yield much difference than day 1.

On a side note, Note to self: Read books by good writers and deconstruct their works (totally stole that from Tim Ferriss… but you gotta steal like an artist.) and learn from them and consciously try to apply the principles and learn and see how they fit into your style. Don’t have to copy the style or try to be like them but experiment with these styles and pick what i like and what i don’t like and explore which side my tendencies lean toward… keyword: Experiment. and learn from it. and don’t judge your experiments and the failures. Gotta learn from them. They’ll be the indicators to myself. (this is turning into a complete note to self. But nobody’s watching so its okay)

I still have so much to learn and so far to go. (Cue: Moana’s – How Far I’ll Go) But seriously…

Serious Self: Its okay. Just write. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get there one day.

Mean Self: Yeah right. You’ll still suck. You’re not going anywhere. You’re writing is amateur and you say you wanna do a lot of stuff but you haven’t gotten started at all. You’ve been wanting this for so long. If you’ve want it so bad, why haven’t you done anything yet. Lame. Face it. You don’t have it in you. Leave the writing to someone else. It isn’t in you.

And this is how your brain totally kills you every single time. And the dark voice in your head tells you “the truth” and depresses you and keeps you from doing what you wanna do..

My monkey brain is just jumping all over the place and isn’t staying on track. This blog post feels more like brain vomit then a consistent topic. But then… since i’m reading James Clear’s book right now. I’m gonna keep showing up everyday and it doesn’t matter if the writing sucks. Build the habit of writing everyday and then we’ll see about improving the writing slowly later.

Why does your brain do this to you?

No. Dont listen to that. You’ve been writing for 5 days now. This is definitely better than before. Baby steps. We’ll get there.

Song: How far I’ll Go from Moana

Quote: Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend.

(I’m pretty sure i butchered the quote. And i don’t know who said but I needed to remind myself of it.)

Jeez child you’re just a bundle of messed up feelings and thoughts. Chill out. Things aren’t as bad as they seem.



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