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Train Rides

Train Journeys especially long commuter rides are always a great way to wind down and rest your brain.

You can daydream the entire way till you reach your destination or listen to music and daydream at the same time. Or when the productivity bug hits you, you can make some plans and lists of things to do or clear out your email.

In case it hasn’t been obvious in the previous paragraph, my favourite pastime while commuting is to daydream. I can listen to music and daydream of ghostly aliens attacking the train and equally ghostly heroes riding on top of the train shooting out laser beams to save the day.

Trains are also a beginning to a journey. Picture a young hero finally setting out on a grand adventure looking out the window full of nerves and jitters filled with excitement cuz “Adventure is out there!”

Or picture an older hero, finally letting go of his shackles that weighed him down in the form of duties, obligations and guilt. He plucks up the courage and starts on a journey towards self-discovery. It won’t be easy. It will be a journey full of pain and suffering… Never feeling comfortable, But it will also give him experiences he would never have gained otherwise. Making new friends and forming deep relationships picking up some wisdom along the way. So many adventures yet to happen and the train ride is just the beginning.

Song rolling in my head: Don’t stop Believing by Journey

I’ll admit the blog post started because of listening to the song on my train ride. 😊

May your journey take you to unexpected places and give you amazing adventures.

Quote of the day (which I got from an app but is still a cool quote):

Everything that happens to you is a form of instruction if you pay attention. – Robert Greene



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