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New Start

Since I’m hoping to get into the habit of blogging or writing, I sincerely want to write something profound for my first post. But I know that it is a lot to ask right at the beginning. I know there’s a phrase that goes along the lines of you have to have 10000 hours of practice before you become good at something… Basically saying you have to do a lot of work before you create good work. So… Unless I write everyday for years I’m not gonna get better.

So setting small achievable goals like writing two crappy pages a day (seems too much for me right now but this is just an example by someone else) or a blog post every day with around a 100 words (small goals first so I’ll start here). Doesn’t have to be awesome or profound. Just building a habit before improving on it. I suppose allowing yourself to be a bad writer is harder than I realised because I certainly have dragged my feet long enough with inactivity and stalled myself from starting and quitting early if I did.

Maybe once in a while I might actually write something nice. Here’s to hoping.

Quote for me to remember: “There is no try, only do” – Yoda.

P.S. I had thought of a postscript while I was writing the post. But I forgot. So…. Nothing.



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