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Review: Kate O’Hearn – Pegasus and the Flame


Pegasus and the Flame is a children’s novel which follows the story of a thirteen year old girl living in New York who suddenly finds herself in between a war of the Olympian Gods with the monsters called the Nirad when a winged stallion crashes on the roof of her apartment. The story goes on to tell us how she sets on a quest to help Pegasus and the Olympians with the help of her father and a friend.

We read the story from the point of view of two characters, a thirteen year old girl Emily and an Olympian, Paelen the thief.It iswell written and switches from both character’s point of view fluidly without confusing the reader. The characters are well developed for a children’s novel but on a personal note I felt that the character of Joel could have been brought out more but I guess it might happen in the sequels. The character of Paelen the thief was written very well and I came to love him more than Emily. Although the other characters are good, there was something lacking that kept me from loving them the way I loved Paelen. This book uses the Roman form of Olympians unlike Percy Jackson. Although we don’t see a demigod in the storyline, there are mentions of sacred daughters of Vesta, the goddess of hearth and can quickly guess who was chosen to carry the heart of the flame. The story is quick paced and exciting and keeps us guessing as to what is going to happen next. The pages turn themselves as we delve into this adventure. It was a good book and I would definitely recommend it to all young readers out there who are interested in myths and mystical creatures with a love for sweet delicacies.



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